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Restaurant: Neige d'été

Restaurant: Neige d'été

Paris, 15th Arrondissement

We had heard about Neige d'été through the foodie grapevine, so we decided it was time to explore... and what a lovely experience it was.

Reservations were required and we realised why when we got the friendly email asking us if we had any dietary restrictions. The menu is imagined daily, and your individual experience is fresh & personalised. 

As we crossed the street towards what we knew must be the destination, we paused, because the street didn't seem to give any clue that a Michelin star restaurant was on it... but there it was. The flint grey facade was as quiet and gentle as everything we were to experience inside.

We were shown to our seats in one of the cozy and beautifully furnished rooms; light greys and whites, which set a peaceful tone and allowed the vibrant food to stand out even more. We had a perfect view of the display window to the kitchen, where we could see Chef Hideki Nishi and his team do their magic. 

Service was intimate and informative, we truly felt like very special guests not customers. Every dish was paired with a complementary and fantastic wine selection, and we really didn't want the languid and fascinating tasting to end. 

Here is the restaurant website:

12, rue de l'Amiral Roussin, 75015 Paris, France

 +33 1 42 73 66 66

To figure out your way there, the interactive Parisian public transport website RATP is easy & extremely useful. Just plug in your to/from details and you get your public transport options.


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